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Have you ever listened to a radio while you’re driving and suddenly one of your favorite music plays and you were hooked? It might bring a lot of memories including your first kiss, your first romantic getaway, or a happy memory about a family get-together. It seems like you don’t really focus on the things that you can see on the road and just sing along with the music. This example just shows how music can impact people’s lives.

Some of the experiments that were done show that slot machines in Las Vegas which do not have any sounds had a decreased revenue for over 24 percent. Advertisements that have better music made it to the top products that people often use. Restaurants that have classical music playing inside it have people who eat slower and eat more. When you dial a phone number, you might love hearing the dial tone and the sound confirms that you’ve made a connection to the other person on the other line. Old people can still sing the advertisements made from the 90’s. Nowadays, young generations don’t pay as much attention to advertisements since they promote more to the visual senses of the brain.

A research made by a company in New York called Buyology Inc says that 50 respondents were chosen to see how sounds can affect the brain. The study measured the responses made by the brainwaves that were produced by the respondents. It was a remarkable discovery since most of the respondents were able to identify the best products in the world through the commercials that they have heard.

Some of the sounds that made it to the top 10 were the sound made from an Intel chip, and the sound of a giggling baby. It is very common to a lot of people to get their phone when it vibrates. People who check their phones first thing in the morning or late at night are proof that sounds can influence behavior.

The most common addictive sounds in the US are a baby’s giggle, a vibrating phone, ATM or cash register, “Star Spangled Banner”, Sizzling Steak, “Hail to the Chief”, Cigarette light and inhale, “Wedding March”, “Wish Upon a Star” and Late Night with David Letterman Theme. The top 10 branded sounds are Intel, National Geographic, MTV, T-Mobile ringtone, McDonald’s State Farm, AT&T Ringtone, Home Depot, and Palm Treo Ringtone.

These sounds are being repeated on a daily basis. Maybe some of the advertisements will be focused more on sounds in the future. The sound of a lighting of a cigarette will be attributed to Marlboro or the sound of a sizzling steak will be attributed to Dr. Pepper.

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