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Sounds can be heard everywhere and anytime. They are produced through molecular vibrations. Fast vibrations produce loud or high-pitched sounds while low vibrations can produce low-pitched sounds. Below are some of the facts that you might not know about sounds.

A sound can’t travel to vacuum. In space, you can’t hear sounds because there’s no medium where the molecules can travel through.

Flies and cats that have blue eyes can’t hear any sounds.

Whales have the ability to send a message as far as 479 miles away to other whales. The sounds that they produce can travel long distances.

Bats use echolocation. It is the ability to listen to the echoes of the sounds that they make in order to avoid trees and find food.

Decibels are used to measure sound. Sounds that are more than 90 decibels can make a person deaf. A rustle of leaves is 10 decibels while an airplane that is taking off ranges from 70 – 85 decibels.

The amphitheaters in Rome have curvy shapes to amplify the sounds inside it.

Loud sounds can be heard from the explosions of volcanoes in the island of Krakatoa.

The stirrup, anvil and hammer are the bones which help us hear. They can be found inside our ears and their size is the same as a pea.

When we are sleeping, our ears can hear sounds but the brain can’t hear it at all.

The elephants are able to communicate with each other that humans can’t hear.

Some police use a sonic weapon called a Long Range Acoustic Device that can fire a beam of sounds for hundreds of meters. It is used in crowd control during rallies.

Sound is helpful to a lot of animals. It can tell them when a predator or a prey is nearby.

Acoustics is the scientific study of sound waves.

Dogs can hear with much lower frequency compared to humans. They are able to hear sounds that humans can miss.

There are no sounds that define a musical piece. Some call music as a systematic sound arrangement.

Sound can travel through a lot of objects. They can even travel through steel.

Sound is much faster when in water compared to air. The speed is 4 times faster in water.

Cows that listen to music produce more milk compared to the ones who do not.

The crackling of the whip is made when the noise it creates travels much faster than sound.

Here are just some of the interesting facts about sounds. We hope that you have learned something today by reading through this.

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