Sound and Meditation

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Meditation is a practice that brings calm and peace in a person’s mind. You can perform yoga, go on a hike, or sit in a peaceful garden in order to experience a peaceful atmosphere. Meditation is believed to clear negative emotions and it is an effective stress reliever. Stress can affect the physical body in so many ways. It can lead to obesity, depression, sleep deprivation, heart diseases or cancer in extreme cases. Meditation helps a person to be present in the moment and he should be aware of his conscious thoughts. It can fix problems such as negative self talk and it can be an opportunity to connect with a Divine Being.

Everyone uses sound to communicate with other people. Some people who are stressed listen to music or go in a quiet place in order to feel energized. Sounds that are loud such as screeching of wheels or pounding of hammers can be irritating to the ears. Sounds that come from a stream or the gentle song of birds can create a peaceful sensation.  Sound is also used by people thousands of years ago to help them in worship, meditation, and prayers.

Nowadays, there are scientific journals that publish articles on how sounds can benefit the physical body. In yoga, the Om or AUM sound is commonly used to exercise the diaphragm, heart and the throat. The Om sound was used to uncover secrets of creation, and it also destroys ignorance within the mind. Other sounds that are used by people who practice yoga are bells, gongs, and gentle music. These sounds help them enter a deep meditative state that will result in a relaxed feeling. The right sounds that are produced by the vocal cords can bring positive effects to the body. People who practice sound meditation believe that the body is made up of sounds and vibrations that are in harmony with each other. Sounds help align the vibrations that can be found inside the body. When these vibrations are not in tune, it is believed that stress and sickness occur.

According to people who practice yoga, sickness and suffering do not occur within the physical body. They occur because we are experiencing instability inside our minds. Buddha stated that in order to avoid sickness and suffering, people should control the negative thoughts that enter their minds and they should be connected with a Divine Being. Meditation and sound is used widely around the world. If you are feeling stress, try to give it a go. If it works with people who practice it, it will also definitely work for you.

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