Sound and Relaxation

If you are living in a city, you might frequently hear loud honking from cars on the road or noises from people on the streets. These sounds can make your stress levels rise from normal to high. When you frequently hear these stressful sounds, it might affect how your nervous system regulates the balance of your immune system. Too much sound can result to hearing loss in some cases. If you want to live a balanced and peaceful life, you have found the right place. We are here to introduce you all about sound therapy and its benefits.

How does this therapy works? Just like meditation where you focus on your breathing to be able to relax, sound therapy uses rhythms and frequencies that influence the shifting of your brainwaves. These rhythms and frequencies can help your brainwaves switch from a chaotic state to a relaxed state. You might even delve further into a meditative sleep where you can experience internal healing.

Sound therapy uses tools such as vocal toning, Himalayan singing bowls, tuning forks, drums, and therapeutic voices. These tools can fine-tune your body so that it will be more receptive to relaxing sounds. You start the therapy by lying down and breathing deeply. If your mind becomes more relaxed, you should be open to the sounds that you can hear around you. By becoming still, you are opening a pathway for sounds that can reach a deep level on your unconscious mind. This process is similar to meditation.

Sound therapists believe that there are 2 sources of energy in the body. They call these 2 sources as the physical and the subtle body. The physical body is where you experience discomfort and pain. Sound vibrations and frequencies can change the way you deal with pain. If you are more relaxed, you can feel less pain and are able to cope up with it with a more positive attitude. The subtle body is where the life force energy resides. Therapists believe that this is where emotional traumas and imbalances can be found. This life force energy is commonly called “Chi” in Chinese medicine. The subtle body is mapped with horizontal and vertical lines where energy can freely flow. These lines, like the latitude and longitude on the globe, can be blocked by negative emotions, problems and stresses from your daily life. In order to unblock these paths, sound therapy is used.

Some of the benefits of this therapy are the following: it helps prevent depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and stress. It can also help you manage pain. The internet offers many sound therapists that can help you start today. You can book one near you now so that you can see the results early.