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If you have ever been depressed, you might have pulled up your phone and listen to your favorite music. You might have also gone into a riverbank and listen to the gentle trickle of water to keep your mind calm. These examples show that sound can make you feel better and it has a powerful effect to your body. Studies have shown that when sound is used in therapy, it can heal depression, clear sinuses, and can even aid in quickly recovering from chemotherapy in the case of cancer patients.

Therapists believe that our body is made up of frequencies and vibrations. The law of physics states that everything vibrates. Including the trees around you or the land where you stand. The natural vibration of objects including our body is called resonance. Therapists believe that sickness comes as a result of the resonance that gets out of tune. The aim of sound therapy is to make the out of tune resonance to align again to the body’s natural vibrations.

A director of Sound Healer’s Association, Jonathan Goldman says that he sees his clients recover from Parkinson’s disease, stress-related disorders, and hormonal imbalances through sound therapy. Clients who have undergone sound therapy say that they experienced revitalization, great connectedness, improved ability to sleep, deep calm, and clarity. Mitchell Gaynor, a medical doctor in Cornell University’s Weill Medical College uses singing bowls to help his patients relax.

Sounds that are commonly used by therapists are humming, classical music, tuning forks, singing bowls and yogic chanting. Humming can clear your sinuses. Classical music can help boost creativity and can lighten the mood in adults. Tuning forks were first used to tune instruments and are now used by orthopedics to detect large fractured bones. In sound therapy, tuning forks can create good vibrations that can improve the mood, can balance brain activity, and can promote relaxation. Sounds in singing bowls are produced when the edges of a quartz or crystal are struck by a mallet. They produce relaxing rhythms that can slow down breathing. Yogic chanting is also used to help the mind focus. Chanting can alleviate stress, promote mind clarity, lower heart rate and blood pressure, produces endorphins, and promotes faster metabolism.

This new approach in healing stress may become popular in the future. As of the moment, healing by using sound therapy is commonly practiced in the United Kingdom. But it also became popular in the US. A lot of people nowadays are living stressful lives and sound therapy can be a way to alleviate their stress.

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